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The applications are admitted effective January 14th till March 31st, 2011.


The Awarding Ceremony of the Russian Open Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2011 will take place in Moscow in May 2011. This is already the second contest of aquascaping art arranged in Russia by Russian distributor of ADA - Neomarin Company, and "Alexander Aqua Design Studio" with the supporting of "Aquajournal.RU". The first contest held in 2010 where the best aquascapers from Russia, Ukraine, Bielorussia and other CIS countries took part has given a start-up for a new era of eco-aquascaping movement. The success and wide response of the contest have given an impulse for popularization and development of the “underwater painting” in our country. Today compositions executed in the “Nature Aquarium” technique are considered to be a sample of high style and pure taste not only among professionals but wide public as well.

Nikas Safronov, a famous Russian painter, speaking at the Awarding Ceremony of the best aquascapers 2010 said: “…thanks to this new form of art one can enjoy and admire the beauty of the underwater painting which is filled with energy, love and professionalism of the creator…”


The aquascaping is recognized as elite direction of the world aquarium husbandry thanks to a Japanese aquadesigner, a photographer, an ecologist and a founder of the “Nature Aquarium” concept Takashi Amano. Without any doubt Amano is considered to be a guru of the aquarium design.

The most refined aquariums with live plants where fabuluos surface landscapes are recreated under the water are called “Amano’s” all over the world. These vivid pictires compose an integral part of the most refined elite and aristocracy interiors.

In 2001 Mr. Amano established an international contest of planting aquariums’ design which turned into a prestigious ground for the best world’s aquadesigners to demonstrate their skills and mastery. This competent festival has become a prototype for the most of aquadesign contests all over the world. Our contest follows the best traditions and canons of the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest accumulated within ten years of its existence.


The works of the contest’ participants will be assessed by a competent international jury which will consist of the world-known and best aquascaping masters from the USA, Poland, Germany and Hong Kong. The jury will be headed by a “living legend” of the Russian aguarium husbandry, a scientist, a writer and a resercher Sergey Kochetov.

Within the solemn ceremony a significant unique charity event which has no any parallel in the world will take place. Best and acknowledged Russian aquadesigners, members of the Russian Aquascaping Union will give some master-classes on aquarium designing to young amateurs. Children will have a unique possibility to create their own aqua masterpieces under the direction of famous aquadesigners, awardees and winners of different international contests. Each of the children who will take part in this dynamic and spectacular show will receive those self-made aquariums as a gift.


At the ceremony we traditionally expect our honourable guests: representatives of show business, science and culture, connoiseurs of new and progressive trends in the modern art, representatives of print and Internet mass media. Our contest is supported by our partners: the Russian Union of Photographers, The Association of the Russian Florists, the Moscow Zoo and the State Darwin Museum.

The professional organisation of all sides of the coming event (starting from the assessment criteria of works, the prize pool and the Awarding Ceremony) confirms that the contest will meet the highest standards of an international forum. And such events always enhance the country’s prestige in the world.


We hope that this competition will interest much both masters and beginners of aquadesigning. We are inviting to participate everybody who wants to make a shot at creating underwater compositions and who wants to demonstrate his or her abilities and potential to the whole world.


I wish all of you good luck and getting much pleasure from your hobby!
With my best regards,

The Chairman of the Contest’s Organizing Committee
Alexander Tarasenko









Author's Aquarium Design Studio









Official Distributor of Aqua Design Amano in Russia














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